Custom Currency Converter: Step 1

Select the size of currency converter desired along with the default conversion values you wish to use. The default value is the currency conversion that first shows when the converter is loaded, but any conversions can be performed using the converter on your website.

The custom version of our Foreign Exchange Resource currency converter also uses the most current market rates and currency lists from this site and is easily implemented on any website with just a few more lines of javascript than the simple currency converter. It includes the following features:

  • Fully customizable color scheme and design.
  • Completely remove the links to our site from your custom converter by placing a link to us elsewhere on your page.
  • No registration is required!
  • New! Our converter is fully responsive and adjusts to fit any html container size!

You can always get the simple version of our currency converter here.

NEW! Metal Price Charts and Widgets

Get free metal price charts & widgets for your website from our sister site

Display metal price tables and and daily spot price charts on your website.

Our responsive widgets and charts scale to nearly any display size.

Get the Code Here

Remove Our Links from the Converter

currency converter links
Don't like our links on your currency converter? Completely remove the links to our site from your currency converter by placing a link to us somewhere else on your website. More info here.